Rochester, MN Strippers

For the most arousing male and female strippers, count on AAA-Classic Dancers in Rochester, MN. Our sexy dancers will turn up the heat at your next party. We’re Wisconsin’s & Minnesota’s top rated, on-time, reliable agency. We have never missed a show like most agencies have. Our gorgeous girls and handsome men are some of the sexiest strippers in the region.

Taken Live at one of our recent bachelor party shows
by our nation’s Bachelor Party Grand Master – Professor John-A-Long!!

DON’T be fooled by these other fly by night agencies that operate out of their car. We have Minnesota’s coolest professional office with a strip stage and a pole. We are the #1 Bachelor party agency in the Minnesota & Wisconsin area. Come see our World’s Largest 145″ computer screen in HD!!! Choose from 100’s of photos.

Our bachelor parties are well renowned and famous throughout the state of Minnesota and Wisconsin for having the hottest female dancers and strippers around. Ask us about our Patented Straddling Stripper Twister and Lusty Lap Dances! Give AAA-Classic Dancers a call today to get the hottest strippers in the Rochester, MN for your bachelor party. Our shows last 3 times longer than the competition!! Our exotic strippers are a sure bet to take your Rochester, MN bachelor party from mild to wild in just a matter of seconds. Feel free to reserve your bachelor party strippers online or give us a call @ 952-894-6692 or 612-721-3433. A bachelor party consultant will help you plan out the strippers accordingly for your upcoming Rochester, MN bachelor party.

Give us a call at 952-894-6692 or 612-721-3433 to set up an appointment.

Rochester, MN Bachelor Party Strippers

Are you looking for strippers in Rochester, MN for your upcoming bachelor party? Call AAA-Classic Dancers as we have been providing strippers for bachelor parties for over 30 years in the Rochester, MN area and entire state of Minnesota for that matter. We are the #1 on time and reliable bachelor party agency in MN. We have the hottest strippers in the industry. Don’t be fooled by other bachelor party agencies that try to convey themselves as us. Get the best that the industry has to offer at AAA-Classic Dancers!

The strippers in our show perform 3 times longer than our competition. Don’t be fooled by inferior “claim to be” Minnesota bachelor party agencies that to depict themselves as AAA-Classic Dancers. We are without a doubt the leader in the industry, and have been so in the state of Minnesota for well over 30 years. Your bachelor and guests will be amazed with our “Girly Girl Show.” Give us a call today to make a reservation for your Rochester, MN bachelor party.

Stop into our office, have a beer, and browse our selection of girls on our 145″ HD Computer Screen. Or give us a call at 952-894-6692 for a night you’re not likely to forget.

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If you had to sail the Atlantic Ocean would you choose “The Queen Mary” or a “Tug Boat?” A “Tug Boat” might be a little cheaper but when the tug boat agency potentially sinks half way out to sea, “The Queen Mary” (AAA-Classic Dancers) may not be able to rescue your sinking bachelor or bachelorette party! So, choose to invest a little extra time to line up the safer, proven, successful World Renowned “Queen Mary” Strippers Agency! Just imagine yourself having the time of life at your bachelor / stripper party feeling more secure & comfortable knowing you did the right thing – you chose the proven, time tested, and time honored, “Queen Mary” Agency!

If we haven’t reiterated it enough, please take notice that AAA-Classic Dancers of Minneapolis, MN is Minnesota’s only “on time” and legitimate bachelor party stripper agency with an actual office and storefront. Please, don’t be fooled by the illegitimate “out of their car” operations that continuously try and “badmouth” us and try to discourage you from using MN’s #1 rated Bachelor Party Agency in AAA-Classic Dancers! The reason that we invite you to our office is to prove that we are “legitimate” unlike the so called operation run out of his car by let’s say a guy named “J” who continuously tries to confuse the consumer by pretending to be us and making false claims and accreditations about his “SCAM” that he actually refers to as his business. By having an office and storefront, you are assured to get the strippers and exotic dancers for your Minnesota bachelor party by picking them out right off of our “145” inch computer screen that you choose. Call AAA-Classic Dancers today @ 952-894-6692.

Contact AAA-Classic Dancers today at 952-894-6692 or 612-721-3433, or browse our website for more information about our products and services.